COVERGIRL Trublend Collection | 2019

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

 We all grew up loving on our flaky mascara and "coverup" that was six shades too dark for our skin tone. Since I started actually wearing more than that, the makeup game has changed COMPLETELY. Makeup brands are popping up daily, and there are so many launches its getting a bit overwhelming for the average consumer. For today's post, I wanted to bring it back to 2009, and spend some quality time with my first love.... drugstore makeup!

I received a package full of COVERGIRL goodies complimentary, so I could put them to the test for you guys. The package included:

+ Undercover Concealer (NEW!)
+ Base Business Primer
+Loose Mineral Powder
+ Hyper Glow Super Stunner Highlighter (NEW!)

Shade "Pearl Crush"

The first thing I noticed when applying this highlight is how finely milled it is. It glided onto the skin beautifully, and gave a lovely sheen where added. I would say that when used sparingly it gives a dewy glow, but if over applied it could look a bit too icy. It is the perfect mixture of rose gold, and pearl and I would recommend to anyone with a light skintone.

This moisturizing skin primer is my favorite product I received, hands down. It came in perfect timing as it is starting to get dry and cold in Minnesota. I love layering this over top of my moisturizer for added hydration. It comes out of the tube white, but does not leave a white cast on my skin once rubbed in. It smells amazing, and it leaves my skin super plump and ready for makeup!

The concealer exceeded my expectations. This new formula reminds me so much of a hybrid dupe of the beloved Tarte Shape Tape + Too Faced Multi Sculpting Concealer. It covers as well as Shape Tape, but is nice and moisturizing like Too Faced. The applicator made it easy to apply where needed. The only thing I felt needed to mention, is that it dries super quickly. If not blended immediately, it is hard to get even coverage as it stays in place. 

 I loved that this powder was also finely milled, and it made my skin look airbrushed.
B U T....huge downside is the white cast it gives off in flash photography. That alone makes it a no for me! If covergirl were to fix that, I would 100% recommend this a great drugstore alternative.

As always, thanks for reading!


KKW BEAUTY "Mrs. West Collection" Review | 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Welcome Back!

Thanks so much for holding tight while I worked behind the scenes on some much needed updating! I  hope you guys LOVE the new logo, as I went back and forth for the longest time on it 😂. Moving forward I hope to do a bit more with it beyond sitting pretty at the top of my website, so stay tuned!


Okay, okay. Lets get into the REAL reason you clicked on that link! KKW BEAUTY. We've all been tempted at one time or another to purchase something from her new cosmetic line. Here is my stance on KKW. Who am I to judge someone, who brilliantly turned a super unfortunate circumstance (IE, her sex tape), into a freaking empire. Most importantly, she has been a beauty and style icon for over 10 years. Along with her long time makeup artist Mario, they created many techniques that we still use today for a full face. I read somewhere that he has a lot of say in what she is producing for her line, so for me that's a win. If you haven't checked out his work go visit his IG (@MakeupbyMario).

When I first saw sneak peaks of the Mrs. West Collection, I damn near lost my shit. What could possibly be more perfect? A neutral, natural, bridal collection! On days that I work, I wear a full face of makeup. I waitress at a private club here in buffalo so I need to look as put together as possible. 

This is what I thought to be the most perfect addition to my makeup collection. This collection was based off the makeup look that Mario created on Kim's wedding day. It was sold in a set for 100$, and ended up coming out to be about 130$ with tax and shipping. The minimalistic nude packaging was SO on brand with my taste, I just had to. The clear, nude, and frosty packaging was everything. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

Lets start with the lippies left to right. This collection came with a cream lipstick in the shade "Love", a creamy lipliner also in the shade "Love", and a shimmery topper gloss in the shade "Soulmate". As you can see above all the colors are super complimentary in shade range. I tried these on a couple days after I shared it with you on Instagram because I was scared I wasn't going to like them after seeing it in person. I tried all three of them on in order. At first I thought I loved them! After about an hour of wear and constant checking in on the trio, I realized that the lip liner was a bit dark for me. About three hours later, I realized that I had some serious butthole lips. If you don't know what I mean, it's when your lips get that terrible thick line of product build up closer to the inside of your mouth. I took off the products immediately and waited a couple more days to try them. 

I tried the lipstick on with my go to lip liner (NYX wooden liner in "natural), and it immediately looked so much better on my skin tone. I wore this throughout the night with no problems, and got many compliments. I wore the gloss on its own during a girls night. I took it out and started to apply it and all of my friends asked how I felt about it. I was a bit wary to tell them that I hated it and explained the issues I was having with it. They all tried it on, and once I saw that it looked GORGEOUS on all of them, I had a different outlook on it. It wore much better alone, and the little gold reflects were shining bright all night on all of us.

If you are interested in trying for yourself and are close to my skin tone, skip the liner, and wear the lipstick and gloss separately. (I think the gloss is a bit too thick to wear over ANY lipstick).

Next up, the powders! These were the items I was most worried about with the collection. For some reason I had doubts on how dry and textured they would be. The blush in the shade "Flower Wall", is stunning. It's peachy, youthful, and classic. The PERFECT shade for your wedding day. I just have two issues with it. You do have to use a lot of product to get the desired look, and it's not long lasting AT ALL. About two hours into my shift, there is no trace of it at all. 

The highlighter in the shade "Forever" is a different story. I love this highlighter. Ive been wearing it every day not stop since I got it and it performs super well. Not too dry or chunky, and it lasts all day. Per KKW BEAUTY this highlighter is meant for all skin tones, and I would say I do agree with that to an extent. Someone with a SUPER deep complexion might have trouble with this. 

Last but not least, the eyeshadow palette. Could you pick a more perfect shade selection for me? I really don't think so. This was another huge reason I took the chance on this collection. These colors speak to me on another level. I played around with this palette three different times. I did a dark smoky eye with the three bottom shades, I wore just the middle shades alone in the crease, and did the full look recommended by (@makeupbymario) in a video that him and Kim uploaded using the collection. They blend beautifully, and are long lasting. In my opinion, this is the perfect every day/work appropriate palette. I love how they chose to bring the rosey tones in. I find that it's not THAT common for a neutral palette. 

Overall, the two products I would not recommend are the blush and the liner. The liner may work for someone who likes a darker liner, or has a deeper complexion than I do. I would never wear a liner that dark for an every day look (or ever lol). I really wish the blush was more long lasting, because the color itself is gorgeous. This collection was supposed to be limited edition, and only the lipstick and lipgloss are still available. (I have a feeling that they may bring back individual products back so I will keep you updated on that)


 All of these formulas are the same formulas as her stand alone products, so I'm sure my opinion would stand true throughout her entire line. I hope this review was super helpful for you guys, and if you have any more questions about this collection that I did not cover, please reach out to me via IG or down below in the comments!

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5 Ways To Save Money On Makeup

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Welcome Back!

We all know makeup is expensive. There aren't many ways around the cost of it. I personally used to buy every new launch, and got way too caught up in the world of consumerism and spent WAY too much money on makeup. Within the last two years or so, I made a commitment to myself to purchase only what is necessary to get me through the day to day application, aaaand maybe a bit extra for that special occasion. Here are my top 5 tips on how to save money while shopping for makeup.

1. Don't be Afraid of the Drugstore
Its super easy to get caught up in the beauty industry. There are shiny new products coming out DAILY at this point. It's so overwhelming. The drugstore has come such a long way with their quality there is pretty much no reason to not buy your key products there. My favorite products to repurchase at the drugstore are: Foundation, Makeup Wipes, Brow Product. Think about the things you use every single day, that can really cut down cost if you can find a cheaper alternative. (DUPES DUPES DUPES.)

2. Don't Waste Product
Waisting makeup used to be my biggest problem. I'd buy so much, that I couldn't use it all before it expired. My tip for you, is to use your makeup up before replacing it with something new, or you may or may not end up with 15 foundations at one time. (yep. that happened.)

3. Pay Attention to Sales
Thankfully, makeup goes on sale pretty frequently. Ulta has their "21 days of Beauty" multiple times a year, where they select a handful of high end beauty products each day and mark them 50% off. Sephora also has their Beauty Insider Sales that give you 20% off of your purchase for a select time. Drugstore's are ALWAYS marking down products, especially at target. They mark down based off of sales on certain colors, new packaging, etc.

4. Shop Your Own Collection First
Those special occasions occur more often than you realize. Your birthday, a wedding, a night out with friends, an anniversary. We all like to get dolled up for those special occasions and for some that means a different routine for your makeup. You start your search on Pinterest for "special occasion makeup ideas", and you go to the store to buy the one thing you "don't have". 
The cool thing about makeup is you can be creative. Use bronzer and blush for eyeshadow. Use mascara for your brows. Use your summer shade of foundation for a contour shade. Chances are, you already have something in your collection from the past that you can reuse for another purpose. There are NO rules in makeup. It's supposed to be fun.

5. Try Before you Buy
Sephora and Ulta literally display the products for you in the store for this reason. You can go into the stores to play with the products, try them on your face, and actually feel the formula's. Only you know what you like. If you are unsure, Sephora will give you a sample of whatever product you are interested in, for FREE. You just have to ask. Ulta does not, however their return policy is pretty lenient. If you don't like a product, all you have to do is return it and say that it didn't work for you. Plain and simple. Don't be afraid to get that 30 dollars back if you didn't like the shade of the lipstick you bought once you got home. Drugstores are also getting way better about returned makeup. Just ask what their policy is before checking out!

As always, thanks for reading.


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