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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Simple and Affordable Skincare Routine

Welcome Back!

For my first post I figured I would start with the Base-ics. The first couple of years I started wearing a full face of makeup were spent trying to cover my acne. I didn't have "terrible" acne, but my face was full of baby blemishes, texture, and unevenness. I followed many different social media influencers who taught me that full coverage foundation and devastatingly huge winged eyeliner was the way to go. At that time in my life, my skin type was more oily and sensitive. (Probably from the years of consistently sleeping in my makeup.) I realized that after many years of piling on the makeup, that no matter how much I wore, it wouldn't make my skin looks better until I actually started to pay attention it. 

I took the initiative to start "listening" to my skin. When its dry, I moisturize. When its oily, I wash my face and lay off the night cream or a face mask. The results of my just paying attention, have been amazing over the past year or so. My skin is completely clear of all texture and unevenness. Obviously I still get spot pimples caused by hormones and diet, (currently working on that as well....I really want a big mac). After completely changing my routine, my skin is currently Normal to Combination depending on the season. Winter tends to be a little more dry, and Summer tends to be a bit more combination with some spots being more oily than others. Overall, my makeup looks 100 times better on my face now that it has a clear canvas to lay on. This post is going to be a look into my fast and easy morning and night skincare routines. 

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Morning Routine (When Skin is Normal)

I am guessing that you can pretty much already tell what my "Normal" morning routine is by the picture included above. In the morning while my coffee is brewing, I immediately head to the bathroom to wash my face using Purity Facial Cleanser by the brand Philosophy. I have used this face wash for about four years and have nothing bad to say about this product at all. Many influencers say that the alcohol in the formula is drying, but I personally see no side affect to it being included. Personally, it cleanses the face to get that squeaky clean feeling without leaving a residue or fragrance behind. After washing my face, I take a cotton ball and squeeze a tiny bit of Mario Badescu's Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, and use it as a toner. This guys secret weapon is the Witch Hazel which claims to act as an effective astringent that thoroughly cleanses the skins surface of dirt and oil. It love this product because it leaves my skin feeling soft, and not tight and dry like most toners.

Morning Routine (When Skin is Dry or Combination)

As you can see the only difference is switching out the cleansing lotion, for a heavier facial oil. This Marula Oil was included in one of my Boxycharm boxes (monthly makeup subscription), and I completely fell in love. This is 100% Marula Oil and it claims to be fast absorbing and helps reduce visible signs of aging. 

I would agree with the fact that it is fast absorbing as it doesn't leaving my face feeling greasy or sticky. It leaves a nice dewy glow to the skin. This oil is very similar to Josie Maran's Argan oil but I find that the Marula oil is more untraceable. This oil lays great under foundation and is to be used in place of your daily moisturizer. 

 Night Routine

Last but not least, this next guy is one of my favorite parts of the day. This is the Mario Badescu  Seaweed Night Cream. It is a super thick but lightweight night cream which claims to nourish dehydrated skin. After Cleansing and toning with the products mentioned earlier, I put a dime sized amount of the product and slowly work it into the skin and down my neck. The smell reminds me of a fresh scented old lady perfume. Its not my favorite but if it was too overbearing I wouldn't continue to use it. The next morning my face feels so soft, and looks super youthful. 

If my face is a little too hydrated from the day, I will skip this night cream all together and just stick to cleansing and toning. If you over moisturize, your skin will also react badly as there is such thing as too much hydration! 

****For my Lips, I have used Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm for what feels like 1,000 years but is really like, four. I buy mine from Sephora. Also, I use all different brands of sheet face/lip masks when extra hydration is needed on top of the regular routine. You can find sheet masks pretty much anywhere. ****

This is the routine has worked wonders for me personally. This does not mean that they will work for everybody as every body's skin is completely different and reacts to ingredients differently.

If you have tried any of these products please comment down below or on my Instagram (@littlebudgetbeauty) and let me know your thoughts on them! I am definitely interested to hear how you guys like/dislike them!

Products Pictured In Today's Post:

(The size that I have in the pictures included is limited edition holiday size and price point. Sephora has this size (12 Fl. Oz.) and price (15$) every black Friday so I always stock up)
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