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Sunday, September 24, 2017

How to Get a Flawless Finish

Happy Fall (FINALLY)! I am so excited that we are slowly strolling into the end of 2017. These next 3 months are my favorite of the year for many different reasons. With all that the upcoming seasons' bring, one thing that I do not enjoy (and I am sure that I am not alone), is dry skin. This combination we are going to talk about today is tried and tested against all seasons, and is guaranteed to keep that face looking flawless, all day long.

First Step- Foundation:

This foundation has been a favorite of mine since it was released about two years ago (?). Like I have mentioned multiple times, I like a more natural "skin-like" foundation finish. It claims to be a medium to full coverage foundation and I agree 100%. You can wear this baby super natural to let the skin shine through, or you can build it up on the areas you may need a bit more coverage on. I would say the finish is a satin finish, meaning its in between dewy and matte. This foundation claims to be "undetectable" and I'm not sure I would fully agree with that. Like I said, it is a super natural and radiant foundation, but obviously you can tell you have makeup on your face while wearing this product.

Something I really like about this product is the packaging. I know it sounds silly, but the pump truly makes a huge difference. Having a pump makes it easier to control the amount of product you are using and I noticed that when a foundation doesn't have a pump on it, I use way more product on my face and end up wasting a ton. The last thing that is super important to consider when shopping for foundation is the actual shade/undertone range. This foundation comes in 24 different colors and undertones. If you have trouble detecting what your undertone is, go get color matched at Sephora! They have a piece of equipment that can read your shade or undertone and it also tells you what color you would be in all of the foundations they carry there. I have found that this foundation works best with primers regardless of what type of primer you use.

Second Step- Concealer:

This is going to be super easy to write about because this is the best damn concealer in the game when it comes to both high end and drugstore. It is insanely full coverage so I use the tiniest amount of this. Picture just three little dots under the eye area following my bags. I usually blend this out with a damp beauty blender to purposely soak up even more product, but it works well with a brush if you are going for SUPER full coverage under the eye. I use this to highlight, but there are 14 shades to pick from for whatever look you are going for. My favorite part about this particular concealer is the fact that it barely creases without setting powder, and with setting powder it looks perfect. Literally, perfect. I am still in awe at the end of each night with how this holds up throughout the day.

Final Step- Setting Powder:

The icing on the cake for the dynamic duo mentioned above, this is the best translucent powder I have ever tried. Obviously this was created to pair with the actual foundation, so the two together are angelic. If you aren't a fan of this foundation, just know that this powder looks lovely on top of every foundation and concealor I have used it with. This leaves the skin soft, and flawless without looking too powdery, matte or just plain "cakey". It is infused with coconut water and alpine rose just like the foundation to keep the skin super hydrated and boost the skins radiance. This powder is one of the only translucent powders that does not leave me with major flashback in pictures. Have you ever wondered why someone's face or under eye area looks lighter than their body in pictures taken with flash? It is most likely the powder they are using to set their liquid makeup with. This happens to everyone who wears makeup at some point so it is nothing to be ashamed of, but is completely avoidable when the right products are used! To apply, I use a damp, yes damp, beauty sponge and dip into the product and apply over the areas needing a little extra staying power. Again the packaging is super convenient for product control.

Pictured above, you can see the sifting tray used to keep the product a bit more controlled. It is a loose powder meaning and they can get super messy real quick. I just tap a little into the cap like you can see here, and dip my sponge right in the cap to apply. Also, the tray has a little lid that keeps the powder from emptying out in the cap if accidentally flipped over. Too faced knocked that right out of the park in my opinion.

Like I had mentioned in the intro, this has been tried and tested in all elements and is my go to for every occasion when I am looking to have a flawless and long lasting finish.

As always thanks so much reading.


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