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Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Today, we are going to be going over all of the brushes that I use when doing my makeup. Some of these brushes I don't use every single day, but I will be explaining what I use each brush for and why I love them so much. I just wanted to say something super important before we get started, and that is to remind you guys that there are no rules when it comes to makeup. I've heard this time and time again from other influencers, and it stuck with me. In this case, just because a brush is created to serve a particular purpose, that doesn't mean you can't use it for something else. Makeup is supposed to be fun, don't forget that! The brushes that will be mentioned today are the ones that I think that everyone needs in their makeup bag.

Face (Liquid):

(⇠Left to Right⇢)

Crown Brushes and Boxycharm Limited Edition Foundation Brush
This brush was sent to me in a monthly subscription box called Boxycharm and because of that it won't be available for purchasing yourself. The good news is, there are PLENTY of brushes in this style that will serve the same purpose. I use this brush when I want a bit more base coverage than I usually aim for. This brush doesn't leave any steaks behind and spreads product evenly on the face. This brush is also great for blending out any cream contour. I rarely do cream contouring, but when I do this is a brush I will reach for. 

Most of the time, I use some type of damp sponge to blend out my foundation. Recently I have been using this guy, and I am super impressed. Obviously the Beauty Blender is going to be the best sponge available, but I can't justify spending twenty dollars on a sponge. This Morphe sponge is only seven, and there is another sponge by Real Techniques, (also available at ulta) that is about eleven dollars for two of them. I think out of everything available, a sponge is going to give the most flawless finish. I use this to also blend out my concealer. The sponge will always soak up the access product and leave the skin looking natural and fresh. The key to this type of application is to "pounce" the sponge off of the skin. If you "sweep" or "rub" the product around the face, it will most likely soak up most of the product and may even move your foundation underneath. 


 (⇠Left to Right⇢)

I use this crease brush to carefully place color into the crease. Being that this brush is considered a "smaller" crease brush compared to others, this is used to place product more accurately, and precisely into the hollow of the eye. This brush is made with Sable hair, so it is most definitely not a synthetic brush.

Royal & Langnickel BOM-18 Detail Brush
This brush in my opinion, would be considered a high end brush based on its quality and weight. When trying to look this up, I unfortunately could not find it on the R&L website. This brand usually focuses on art/paint brushes, and might have just done another collab with Boxycharm to create this brush. Any small, flat, oval shaped brush will do the trick. I use this type of brush to apply highlight to the inner corner of the eye, and right under the brow, and even to the cupid's bow. I found one similar by Morphe, you can find it here.

I personally use this brush to apply and blend out shadow onto the outer crease, or the lower lash line.  
This fluffy brush makes it super easy to diffuse darker colors with its higher quality bristles. This brush is synthetic meaning it is cruelty-free, if you are someone who only purchases from cruelty-free brands. 

I use this brush every single day I apply makeup. The tapered tip makes it easy to apply transition colors into the crease without much effort. Unlike the first crease brush I mentioned this will give you a more diffused application, meaning it will not apply as precisely as the Morphe one. (My favorite way to wear eyeshadow is super blown out and blended, and thats exactly what this brush will do for you). I would say it is a "must have" indefinitely as it will pretty much do all the work for you!

This detail crease brush can be used to create a intense cut crease look, or to apply color to the lower lash line. I personally use this for just placing the color down on the lower lash line, and I then use the sperm whale brush mentioned above to smoke it out. This brush could also be used for applying the inner corner highlight if you aren't interested in buying a separate brush like i mentioned above as well. I am super extra when it comes to makeup products (obviously), but this can be used for both if you are trying to cut down the amount of money you are trying to spend.


(⇠Left to Right⇢)

I use this brush specifically for putting on face masks. I know that sounds so extra, and thats because it is. I have two reasons for using a brush to apply a face mask. The first is to achieve an even & thin layer, and the second is because it is just way more sanitary. I typically don't use these "foundation" brushes for actual foundation because I find the finish ends up being super streaky if nothing else is used to blend it out afterwards. 

I mentioned earlier that I usually use a sponge to blend out my concealer, but when I don't I am using this guy. I usually reach for this when I am wearing minimal makeup, because on those days I am just looking to enhance my features, and cover up imperfections. When I wear a full face of makeup, the foundation kind of does that for me already. This brush blends out beautifully without taking away product, and does it super quick fitting perfectly under the eyes. 

This is the best brush style you could ever use for highlighting. It is marketed as an all over crease brush, or a precise highlighting brush. This sweeps on your powder highlights very sparingly which is how I like it. Instagram and Youtube is full of people who want their highlight to shine to space, but I am more comfortable with a "glow-from-within" type of product or application. This brush is perfect for slowly building up the highlight. 
(-Goat Hair-)

Face (Powder):

(⇠Left to Right⇢)

**The first brush actually doesn't have a name on it anywhere. I noticed after I look the picture!**
I use this style brush to apply the blush. Any dense domed brush will help you achieve a more pigmented cheek. I personally apply a ton of blush while doing my makeup because that is the first product that seems to leave my face throughout the day no matter what order it is applied in. So to me, the perfect amount of blush is on my face when I get to the event. If i were to guess, this brush came from the Boxycharm Subscription.
Similar Style, here.

This is probably my favorite brush out of my whole collection. (That's saying a lot because I have close to 40 brushes). I primarily use this one for contouring. I know it doesn't look like it would do a great job at contouring but it has a pointed top that makes the application more accurate than you would expect. This one is also a must have for everyday use!
(-Goat Hair-)

This one is unlike any other in my collection, which makes it kind of special. The duo-fiber makes application super lightweight. This came in a set of three brushes total, and all of the them are used on days when you just want a light dusting of coverage. I use this brush mostly for setting the whole face after liquid foundation application. 

Real Techniques Contour Brush
Last but not least, I usually use this brush for a super intense contour. This brush is way smaller than the M527, so if I'm looking for a super harsh contour I will use this guy. The reason I tend to use this less is because this brush is more dense causing it to be harder to blend out the contour. This takes a bit more time, and I usually only reach for this for special events- not everyday use. 
This comes in the same brush set as the Foundation brush mentioned above!

Cleaning your brushes:
I'd like to say I kept my brushes in spectacular shape, but that would just be a lie. To be completely honest I probably only wash my brushes once a month, but for someone like me who uses the same color scheme all the time it doesn't really need to be done that often. A clean brush will give the best application hands down. When cleaning, I use a rubber pot holder (kind of dupe for the sigma brush bath mat), and I use a mild dish detergent. The key is to make sure the brush is rinsed thoroughly before setting out to dry. No one likes soap stuck in their brushes! 
*The synthetic bristles are going to be easier to clean versus the real haired bristles *

Don't forget about your sponges. I would say once a week to clean your sponge with some mild soap and water. Again, make sure all the soap is rinsed out properly!

I am always looking to try new brushes, they are more important than people realize. You can have the best product in the world, but if the application isn't right, it's going to wear like the worst product in the world. Comment some of your favorite brushes down below!

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