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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Welcome Back!

These past couple of weeks have been crazy busy. To top it all off, I got sick with the flu and the media is not joking kids! I haven't been that sick in a very long time. This weekend was for self care, and I am finally back to feeling like me!

For the past two or so years, I have been going to Ulta's Benefit Brow Bar to get my brows done. They are always amazing no matter the staff, but I definitely have my ride or die girl who does an amazing job every single time. They are all trained super well, and really take their time to make sure that they properly shape the brow and make them as even as possible. I personally go to Ulta on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Buffalo, NY and my brow specialist is Jordan. Like i said I have been going to her for probably around two years, and walk away every time with beautiful brows. After two years, she knows exactly what I like, and is super knowledgeable about all things brows (and makeup). We are going to get super up close and personal so you can see exactly what goes down.


I personally get my brows done every 3-4 months. I like to let them grow out and get super crazy to try to have my brows "fill in themselves" if that makes sense. As you can see in this picture, I have a lot of spots that the hair just simply does not grow, or if its accidentally waxed it takes FOREVER to grow back in. Obviously I fill in my brows when I wear makeup, but my goal is to get them as full as possible so I don't have to fill them in so much. In between visits, I barely pluck because I do not want to ruin the shape Jordan takes time creating. I only pluck the hairs that grow in between my brows, and also the hairs that grow closer to my hairline. Those drive me insane. But as you can see I let the top and bottom hairs grow freely in hopes that some hairs will pop through where I want them to.


The brow service is $21 dollars, and that might seem like a lot to some people but in my opinion it is completely worth it. First, Jordan takes makeup remover and cleans the brow area of dirt, oil, or makeup if you are wearing any. She then maps out the shape of the brow as pictured above. This is so she doesn't end up taking more brow by accident like most places/people do. She then hold up a mirror and shows you exactly what she plans on taking with the wax. This step is important because most salons do not do this. They just lay wax and pull. Everyone has their own preference so I love that she shows me exactly what she is planning on taking, because I can make any changes if i wanted. Most of the time I just let her do her magic because I trust her completely. 


After the wax is laid and the hairs are taken, she then trims whatever she feels like needs to be trimmed, and takes stray hairs with tweezers that she missed with the wax. She knows that I do not like mine trimmed every time I go to her, so she always makes sure she asks before doing so. This visit, I decided to go ahead and get them trimmed because the front hairs were getting pretty long.

My favorite part is after all the waxing, and plucking is done. She puts on lotion to calm the redness, and then proceeds to put your makeup back on if you are wearing any, and then fills in the brows. That right there is worth the extra 8-9 bucks. That makes it super easy to stop by an Ulta on your lunch break, and no one will even know the difference. If you decide to give my girl a try, just know that you will need to call and schedule an appointment, as they usually have no walk in's available. The whole appointment takes about 20 minutes, and you are out the door. For us it usually takes a little bit longer because we chat through the whole damn appointment 😂 It's also super convenient (or super dangerous) if you just so happen to need anything from Ulta.

I love getting my brows done, it truly makes me feel fresh and clean and ready for anything. 

Thanks so much for reading, 


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