My 3 Must Have Deserted Island Products | 2018

Monday, March 26, 2018

Welcome Back!

As you can tell by the title, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what I would "need" if I ever got stranded on a deserted island.

Think about it.

If you had to choose only three products, would you be able too? It took me about a week to decide which products I would "have" to have, but I am 100% confident in my choices.
I based my decision off of what I usually use when I don't wear any makeup, and that made it much easier.

I've mentioned a few times before that I usually don't wear makeup to work during the week unless someone important comes in, so this is usually my "go to" most days. Especially if I'm running late.


First things first, I would be lost without my moisturizer in normal every day life. This one was probably the hardest because I'm pretty sure that if you are seriously stranded on an island, you're going to end up looking like a leather purse anyway, but either way this guy has SPF 15 that will give you SOME sort of protection.

This is my second bottle that I have purchased of this specific moisturizer, and I love it because it truly does give a brightening effect, and makes my skin look super plump, and youthful.

You can find it, here.

Little Tip: 
If you use a moisturizer with SPF in it, you want to make sure you wash it off at night no matter what your routine is. SPF can be comedogenic, and could cause you to break out.

For the second product, it would have to be brow gel. I still wear this on days where I don't wear any makeup to keep my brows where I want them.

Brows are so important, and most of the time overlooked. When using this on no makeup days, It makes me feel that much more put together if my brows are "set" in place.

I usually use Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel, because lets just be honest it's the best around. But, this NYX control freak is the closest dupe that I have found to ABH at less than half the price.

You can find it, here.

Last but not least, I would absolutely need lip balm. It doesn't really matter to me what kind, just something to keep my lips from turning into the Sahara. I have lip balms everywhere. One in my car, one on my dresser next to my bed.

This Minted Rose balm is always in my purse for on the go and at work. You can find it, here.

I always have lip balm on, its one of my things. It might be the number one product for me if I could only choose one to keep forever. I have been moisturizing my whole life. My grandma (who i spent a lot of time with during my childhood), would always make me lotion my body after showering or taking a bath. I hated doing it when I was little as you can imagine any child would, but I'm super uncomfortable on days when I forget, or run out because my body is super dependent at this point 😂

Make sure you comment down below your 3 must have products,
I'm super excited to see what you guys will choose.

As always, thanks for reading


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