Monthly Beauty Series: Get Ready with Rachael Allyn from Harper Kate & CO

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Welcome Back!

For this month's interview I chose Rachael Allyn from Harper Kate and Co! A boss babe single mom who runs her own handmade bow company. I started this monthly series as a way to showcase REAL women. Women who work full time, who are busy being moms, and have relatable lives. I hope you love this series as much as I do! Keep reading to learn how Rachael fits her makeup routine into her busy days!

Hi! I’m Rachael, and I am probably the least qualified person to be sharing anything makeup related for actual makeup gurus, but I am so honored to be on Little Budget Beauty! 

I’m an almost 30 year old (30 is the new 20) single mom usually in bed by 8 watching Grey’s Anatomy or Friends reruns for the 482nd time so I guess you could say a live a pretty wild life. I love makeup, but my execution in applying makeup is questionable so I usually stick to simple, easy stuff! 

What is your every day beauty routine (AM/PM)?

•Wash face
•Enjoy zero personal space from toddler
•Spray Dermalogica Breakout Clearing toner on face

•Apply makeup

        (I stay simple with Milani 2-in-1 foundation, a little bronzer, neutral eye shadow, mascara, and brows)

•Wash face
•Roll Rosehip oil on face and neck with jade roller (I love The Ordinary brand - inexpensive and good quality!) 
•in colder months or if my face is dried out I roll on The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid on for extra moisture! 

What is the one product you could never live without?
Mascara! And moisturizer. And some sort of something to even out my skin tone (tinted moisturizer at least). Oh and tweezers. Definitely tweezers because those brows can turn into a singular one…. I’m bad at the “one thing” questions!😅

Lipstick, or Lipgloss?
Bare Minerals Matte Liquid Lipstick is my go to. I love the color Slay for an everyday look and Scandal is my favorite dark color if I’m feeling sassy. 

Liquid or Powder foundation?
Liquid! I used to use NARS, but switched recently to Milani 2-in-1 and love it just as much, and my bank account loves me for it! The coverage is great, and it isn’t cakey!

Liquid or Pencil Eyeliner?
I rarely wear eyeliner these days, but I use a NARS pencil eyeliner when I do!

Falsies or Mascara?
If you could only see me putting on falsies😂 Mascara. Definitely mascara for me. 

What is one beauty tip that you would like to share with everyone?
Wash your makeup off every single night! Put makeup wipes by your bed for the nights you don’t want to! 

And the right color foundation is key🙌🏻 (I told you I was bad with the tell me one thing questions) 

What is your first memory when it comes to makeup?
Silver eyeshadow. Why are middler schoolers these days contouring instead of wearing silver eyeshadow?

What is your favorite part of your routine?
The ending😂 unless I have an endless amount of time I am usually rushed putting makeup on so I am generally happy for the end of my routine. 

If you could have anyone do your makeup, who would you have?
Brad Goreski! (@bradgoreski on insta) I know he’s more of a stylist than makeup artist, but I freaking love him. 

Thanks so much for following along with Rachael's routine. Give her a follow on Insta (@harperkateandco), to keep up with her business and beautiful daughter Harper Kate. Seriously guys...she's the MOST beautiful little girl. 

As always, thanks for reading.


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