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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Welcome Back!

I was looking through my old blog posts, and realized I haven't done a brush guide in quite some time (2017 to be exact!). I use pretty much all new brushes since the last post so I wanted to update you guys on the brushes that I use in my daily routine. To me, the proper brushes can transform your makeup look, so I think its super important to find brushes that you love. This time I decided to break down my brush guide into two parts. This first post will be all about my current favorite eye brushes!

Morphe M209

As you can see, this brush has been through it, haha. Its been in my collection for a few years at this point and is my go to for covering the whole lid. Its super fluffy, so it picks up a lot of product at once. My favorite way to use it is to set my concealer. I typically put concealer on my lids after foundation to be used as an eyeshadow primer. (I love when products have dual purpose). I then will grab an eyeshadow the color of my skin, to then set the concealer in place so it doesn't crease. This also gives a powdery base for the next colors the blend out with ease.

(This specific brush is no longer available on the Morphe Website. I will absolutely let you guys know as soon as they restock it, or if I find an alternative!)

Sephora Pro Crease Brush #19

This is the only brush that hasn't changed since my last brush guide. Jake actually bought this for me for Christmas one year on a whim, and it ended up being one of my favorite brushes. The tapered end allows me to get tightly into my crease to apply the perfect amount of whichever transition color I am using. I love that this does not shed, and it doesn't lose its shape after a bath. This is one of the more expensive brushes I own, but it is worth every penny in my opinion.

You can find it, here.

Morphe M441

This brush is essentially used for the same purpose as the last one, but with a little less accuracy. The tapered end on this one is less harsh, so you do not get as precise with this one which allows it to leave a more seamless look. I don't think you need both of them, and if you're on a budget this is definitely the one to purchase. This one also has natural bristles, so it will shed a bit more while washing, but that's to be expected with a natural hair brush. 

You can find it, here.

Limited Edition Luminous Eye Brush Set
131 Mini Angled Brush

141 Mini Round Brush

111 Mini Flat Angled Brush

111 close up

GUYS. Do not sleep on this brush set. I received it in a Boxycharm box a few months ago and fell in love immediately. First of all the gold sparkly handles? Seriously? The brushes are so little but comfortable to hold, while focusing on detail work. I love using the 131 to pack a deeper color on the outer V and because its so little, it is super precise. The 141 is the PERFECT pencil brush, used to smudge out the lower lash line. It gets so close to your lash line so it doesn't drag with color down too far. My favorite brush out of the four pack is the 111. I use it to apply my inner corner highlight, and my brow bone highlight, arguably my favorite step to my makeup routine. These brushes are all super soft and wash easily. ITS ALSO ON SALE RIGHT NOW for only $21 at Nordstrom.com.

(the fourth brush of the set isn't pictured here, but is a beautiful mini crease brush and works wonderfully)

You can get it, here.

Last but not least, we have a generic spooly. I love using spooly's to comb out my lashes, and brows. It helps give a more manicured look for days without makeup. I also use this to apply soap to my eye brows... I know. Sounds weird right? I got the idea from youtube to use soap in your eyebrows instead of eyebrow gel, and it actually works super well. (and its way more affordable). All I do is spray my spooly with setting spray, and rub it in a bar of soap, and then rub though your brows as if it was eyebrow gel. Super weird, yet super budget friendly! This brush actually came in a super overpriced bundle in my Boxycharm so I will link one below that is more than affordable and another one my favorites from E.L.F

You can find it, here.

Alright guys! Thats pretty much it for my everyday eye brushes. If you follow along with me, you know my daily eye looks consists of about three colors so I don't need more than what's shown here. Keep an eye out for my next post and probably favorite brushes, my face brushes!

As always, thanks for reading.

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